Up 'N Adam Service and Supply knows what it's like to deal with everything from a commercial refrigeration repair to an equipment emergency or even just a simple part we are online 24/7. We've got all your appliance repair and maintenance needs covered in the Chicago region.



Up 'N Adam has been in business in the Chicago region for over 36 years! Expert technicians offer same-day appliance repair and maintenance.

Commercial refrigeration repair to service establishment equipment repairs and parts we've got your needs covered in the Chicago region.  Plus, if you've got an emergency, we are there 24/7 365 day!! Call 847-537-2326


About up 'n adam service

We can help you out with installations, training and repairs up to the most complex to a simple fix.  Our experienced technicians are also more than happy to answer any of your questions. Service maintenance contracts available. 

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